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Who are we?

Relocate company is a part of the Bizcombo Group. Our company provides immigration services. Thanks to our high-qualified team, thousands of people have a chance to relocate to Cyprus.

Why are we doing this better than others:

  • because inside our company we are working as a family;
  • we know the true meaning of such words as support, care, and mutual understanding - we have each other's back;
  • we have a personalized and high-responsible team in this direction;
  • our accurate and consecutive process of providing services will accelerate the achievement of your goal.

Effectively contributing and providing impactful services, we are taking a holistic approach to any assignment.


  • Do you want to get a Cypriot passport? We'll navigate all of your options and quickly let you know about the possible ways of becoming a Cypriot citizen.
  • Interested in a Residency Permit? There are a few ways to reach this. Curiosly? Call us!
  • Eager to get Employment Permit? Would like to know more about General Employment,
  • Intra-corporate Transfer, Digital Nomads, Family Reunification Permit, Visitors Permit?

Don’t hesitate! With us, you’ll get all information universally accessibly and usefully!

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