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Every person that has the aim to get a Cyprus passport under the condition of years of residence in Cyprus needs to meet the following:

  1. 7 (seven) consecutive years, before the submitting of the application, a person has to reside in Cyprus;
  2. At least 6 months per year, a person has to reside in Cyprus;
  3. The last year before the submission of the application (seventh year), a person must reside in Cyprus unceasingly for the entire year (365 days). It is allowed to leave Cyprus only in case of medical or business-related issues. The total number of days, that person can spend abroad is 90 for that year.

Every individual that wants to get a passport of the Cyprus Republic under the condition of marriage to a Cypriot
citizen has to perform the following:

  1. Candidates that live in Cyprus:
    1. Must be married, not less, than three years;
    2. By the time of the application, the total period of residing in the Cyprus Republic must be two years.
  2. Candidates that live abroad:
    1. Must be married, not less, than three years;
    2. Must submit an application along with an official letter where they explain why they would like to obtain Cypriot citizenshipfor a foreign spouse.
    3. If such applicants have been married for five years and more and have, not less than, one child, then this letter doesn’t apply.

There are different application categories under the conditions of the year and place of birth of the applicant, as well as the way that parents of such applicant received their citizenship.  


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